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Domestic Vs Commercial Electricians

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The qualifications and experience required to provide commercial electrical services means that an electrician can confidently run any home business. While your home electrician may be able to handle some commercial electrical work, he may not be able to handle more complex jobs.  Although a commercial electrician and a residential electrician have one thing in …

Tech in Design

Conference room

The advancement of technology has brought bespoke designs that enhance residential and corporate spaces. However, top-rated interior designers use design software to make statement pieces. Unlike traditional conference rooms with tables and chairs, business people and firms now demand conference rooms with luxurious appeal. These are some features that you should expect from modern corporate …

Hotels & Art

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It is Queen Elizabeth, but not as we understand her. Oblivious to the world, she sits blissed-out and eyes shut under her crown at a giant picture, a bit of artwork from Britain’s cutting edge Saatchi Collection. But she is not on show at a museum or an art gallery. This tranche of Britain’s greatest …