Pre-show is an exciting moment at the theatre or before a music performance, it is interesting to get into makeup and costume, expecting a fantastic show and considering who is in the crowd. However, it’s also a time when things might escape control if you allow them. Here we discuss some pre-show manners and good habits to get into!

1. Respect each other’s private space and preparatory processes. Some participants will need to be silent and concentrate throughout their pre-show prep. Respect their distance and do not bug them and keep down the volume. There is nothing worse than trying to focus and enter character while somebody is happening about their difficulties on the opposite side of this space!

2. Maintain your own personal items to a minimum, and keep the space clean. Most theatres have quite little dressing areas. Therefore it is ideal to leave as numerous personal items in your home as you can. Does this keep things from going missing or getting stolen (you never know), but it saves people tripping over piles of props and clothes!

3. Get prepared and move out of the way. There is no sense loitering from the dressing room; you are only in the manner of others seeking to become ready. Get in, get into costume, get your hair and makeup done, and let others have some space.

4. Be sure all your props and costume pieces are all set to go. Do a pre-show test of whatever you’ll need and make sure it’s where it must be. There is nothing worse than using a panic attack mid-show as you cannot locate your trousers. Save yourself the stress by double checking everything.

5. Drink water and stay warm. Water would be the best thing to eat before a show. Soda makes you gassy and contains too much sugar, milk coats your throat, and juices may stain your costume whenever they are spilled. Hydrate with great old H2o! Take some opportunity to warm up your voice and body. Do some stretching and vocal exercises. Going via a pre-show warm-up can help calm your nerves also.

6. Do not turn up late to group commitments. If your cast does group warm-ups or pre-show meetings, then ensure you join in promptly. Do not hang about backstage preening in the mirror. Get out onstage and operate together with your throw. Not only are physical and vocal warm-ups important for you as a celebrity, but it is also essential to spend time with your throw and bond as a team!

7. Respect and thank the backstage team and art services crew. They’ve been working their butts off to make the display seem high, and they do not get the huge bow at the end of it. If the wireless mic helper should place your mic, do not make them wait! Pick up and hang up your costume rather than leaving it in a pile on the ground for the costume group to take care of. Place your props and help put sets back into their proper spot in the art storage area, therefore, the team do not need to search for them.

What is your pre-show procedure? Let us know any other tips you have!