The world is moving fast and the world of entertainment is y no means lagging behind. Discover some of the new tech being used in the music, film and tv industries to make their content more interesting and up to date.

The coming year will bring a profusion of new utilisation of technology to the forefront. It is anticipated that voice-controlled technology will take on a far more significant part in the not too distant future, after the success of Amazon’s Echo smart house device and the business’s Alexa personal assistant. Forthcoming innovations in voice technology possess the potential to radically alter the way consumers search for and listen to music, leading to an even more substantial impact on earnings moving forward. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will increasingly permeate the media business, as the analytical industry develops innovative solutions to create data input actionably.

Perhaps most of all, technology will continue to enhance the consumer experience significantly. From improving abilities to providing increasingly personalised and curated content delivery, the electronic world holds the capacity to amuse people in incredible ways which were once relegated to visions.