The hospitality sector will be quickly evolving in 2019. Hotels will have to find creative ways to meet the high expectations of contemporary travellers, particularly millennials who now comprise the vast majority of regular travellers who also like to remain on budget.

Hotels will have to focus on creating memorable experiences for their guests instead of merely offering services and amenities. They’ll learn to be creative in tailoring their adventures to guest preferences, driving their inspiration from boutique resorts. Guests can expect personalised greetings and rooms put for their tastes, in addition to unique products curated by the hotel. The boutique approach to the resort layout helps create genuinely real and attractive experiences that modern guests, notable millennials, expect nowadays.

Charging stations are making way into each room, and of course WiFi connectivity, which can be even better compared to broadband in their dwelling.

Unique Style
Gone are the days where every room in the resort looked precisely the same, leveraging the favourite neutral colour trend of the past ten years. Hotels are now styling their rooms at a more natural, hospitable way combining diverse components, contrasting colours, and vibrant combinations around the chambers. In actuality, resorts are enjoying a renaissance of colour. Visitors will find more local handmade decoration, wonderful texture mixes, as well as classic fabrics — something that regular travellers will appreciate.

Seamless check-in
Travellers already enjoy cellular bookings and mobile payments, but the future is for cellular keys, text messages into the reception rather than calling, and rescuing in-room preferences like lighting, temperature, or even the sort of toiletries preferred. This trend in resort design will call for much greater room decoration simplicity accentuated by recycled timber and organic materials.

Home away from home
This innovative hotel layout will make the guest experience more compact and effortless at the same time, note that the contributor that travels a lot when working for the favourite in the integrated kingdom dissertation writing service. At precisely the same time, guests will still enjoy the sensation of friendly and personalised hospitality.

Inside outside experience
Among the interesting hotel design trends to see is the move to bring the outdoor experience to hotel lobbies and corridors. In 2019 resorts will be visiting more indoor arenas, all-season terraces, rocky outdoor-style furnishings, stunning plants and scenic views. This trend in resort design will help guests to enjoy nature while remaining indoors, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

Collaboration and work
Meeting spaces will become more flexible, accommodating a variety of kinds of purposes, from family gatherings to large conventions, because of the smart use of roll-up doors, walls, and power outlets built into the floorings. Hotels will be offering more collaborative workspaces which will be available both for visitors and guests.


In 2019, resorts will focus on using environmentally sustainable practices, from utilising natural and recycled/recyclable building materials, two solar panels and linen recycling. We’ll see more initiatives to quantify and reduce carbon footprints and LED lighting in an attempt to decrease energy consumption. This tendency calls resorts to integrate more live greenery and natural light in their designs.

Modernised lobbies
Hotels are transforming the reception area into a living room — a common area with a lot of comfy enclosures where guests will have the ability to get some solitude without feeling lonely. Lobbies will become eco-friendlier, also, with big potted plants being used to divide the space into more intimate areas, states Hotel Propeller. The lobby of 2019 is becoming a central clubhouse in which people can explore various activities. This significant hotel design trend has caused hotel chains to completely upgrade their lobbies to unique, personalised environments.  Have an architecturally designed hotel and lobby are fast becoming bold statements a hotel can proclaim in their hotel communications and classify as luxury accommodation in Tasmania for example.

Engaged with the community
The resort of the future will become a focal point, as hoteliers embrace neighbourhood retail and outsource more services to local companies, such as dry cleaning or deliveries. This trend calls for incorporating local touches to the resort design, in addition to involving local artists and designers to create a unique ambience.  Expect to have access to more local partnerships and experiences, such as an oyster farm tour in Tasmania combined with an afternoon of wine and seafood platter.

Keeping up with the changes in consumer preferences and the increase in technology will bring a good deal of much-needed innovation from the resort design.

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